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    C1.AdoNet.Kintone Namespace
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    ClassC1KintoneCommand contains all the necessary information to fully specify a Kintone command and execute it.
    ClassAutomatically generates single-table commands used to reconcile changes made to a System.Data.DataSet with the associated database. This is an abstract class that can only be inherited.
    ClassC1KintoneConnection represents a connection to a Kintone server. The connection can be used to query the data hosted by the server or request modifications.
    Class This class exposes specific properties to set up a connection for the C1DataConnector Kintone provider.
    ClassRepresents a set of data commands and a connection to a data source that are used to fill the System.Data.DataSet and update the data source. This class cannot be inherited.
    ClassC1KintoneDataReader Kintone implementation of DbDataReader.
    Class Represents a set of methods for creating instances of a provider's implementation of the data source classes.
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