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In This Topic
    PairCharValidator Class
    In This Topic
    Represents a special BaseDataValidator that validates whether the specifed value matches the given PairChars.
    Object Model
    PairCharValidator ClassValidateActionCollection ClassValidateActionBase Class
    Public Class PairCharValidator 
       Inherits BaseDataValidator
       Implements FarPoint.Win.ISerializeSupportINamedObject 
    Dim instance As PairCharValidator
    public class PairCharValidator : BaseDataValidator, FarPoint.Win.ISerializeSupportINamedObject  
    This CellValidator validates whether the value's string representation matches one or more character pairs. You can add a PairChar to PairChars. For example, the validated value's string representation is "10 * (5 + 2)". One of the PairChars is "( )". Because the validated value has a "(" and another ")" that matches the "(", the result is successful. If the validated value's string representation is "10 * (5 + 2", the result is a failure.
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