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In This Topic
    KeystrokeFactory Class
    In This Topic
    Represents a means of creating Keystroke objects in environments that do not support parameterized constructors.
    Object Model
    KeystrokeFactory Class
    Public Class KeystrokeFactory 
    Dim instance As KeystrokeFactory
    public class KeystrokeFactory 

    Keystroke objects are non-mutable. Thus, their property settings have to be passed into their constructor. But there are some non-mainstream languages that do not support constructors with parameters. For these languages, we provide this KeystrokeFactory class, which has CreateKeystroke methods that internally call the Keystroke constructors. This gives the non-mainstream languages an indirect means of calling the Keystroke constructors.

    The mainstream languages (for example C# and Visual Basic .NET) can call the constructor directly:

      KeyStroke ks = new KeyStroke(Keys.PageUp, Keys.None);

    The non-mainstream languages can call the factory method:

      Keystroke ks = KeystrokeFactory.CreateKeyStroke(Keys.PageUp, Keys.None);

    This class is for anyone using a non-mainstream language for their application development.

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