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In This Topic
    TextLayoutSplitter Class
    In This Topic
    Helper class for efficient splitting the content of a TextLayout object into multiple portions. May be used to split a long text into multiple pages or columns, including balanced columns (see SplitAndBalance).
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    TextLayoutSplitter Class
    Public Class TextLayoutSplitter 
    public class TextLayoutSplitter 

    This class does not provide any additional functionality, but it streamlines the code rendering a TextLayout onto multiple pages or columns, and ensures optimal performance by keeping allocation of new text layouts to hold the overflow to a minimum.

    A typical use of this class to render a long text onto multiple pages would be as follows, provided that 'tl' is a TextLayout instance containing the text to render, with specified available bounds (MaxWidth, MaxHeight), and 'tso' is an instance of TextSplitOptions containing the desired split options: ... tl.PerformLayout(true); var tls = new TextLayoutSplitter(tl); for (var tlPage = tls.Split(tso); tlPage != null; tlPage = tls.Split(to)) doc.Pages.Add().Graphics.DrawTextLayout(tlPage, PointF.Empty);
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