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In This Topic
    TextLayout Class
    In This Topic
    Represents one or more paragraphs of multi-formatted text. Provides text analysis and layout functionality.
    Object Model
    TextLayout Class
    Public Class TextLayout 
    public class TextLayout 
    In the simplest scenario, these steps can be followed to render a text on a graphics object using TextLayout:
    1. Create a new instance of the TextLayout class, or call Clear on an existing instance to clear its content.
    2. Set the layout properties (such as MaxWidth, MaxHeight, MarginLeft etc.) to the desired values.
    3. Use Append(String) and its overloads to add text and formatting to the TextLayout instance. Use DefaultFormat to specify the default formatting for text fragments that are added without an explicitly associated format.
    4. Call RecalculateGlyphs to calculate the glyphs needed to render the text. This also performs the required shaping. (If the content is modified (e.g. new text added) after this step, it can/should be repeated to recalculate the glyphs.)
    5. Call PerformLayout to layout the formatted paragraphs within the specified bounds. This step can be done multiple times to layout the text within different bounds.
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