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In This Topic
    RadialGradientBrush Class
    In This Topic
    Represents a radial gradient brush.
    Object Model
    RadialGradientBrush Class
    Public Class RadialGradientBrush 
       Inherits Brush
    public class RadialGradientBrush : Brush 
    Note that as of v5.0.0.771, the object model of RadialGradientBrush was expanded to better support radial gradient brushes available on different target graphics platforms (such as PDF, bitmap or SVG). The following new properties are added: The following properties are still available for backwards compatibility, but are now hidden from IntelliSense and should not be used in new code:
    • GradientOrigin
    • CoverRectangle
    • AllowEllipticGradients
    These properties will be marked as obsolete in a future version, and may eventually be removed.
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