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In This Topic
    GcHtmlRenderer Class
    In This Topic
    Provides methods for converting HTML to PDF and images.

    This class is deprecated as of GcHtml v6.0.0. While old code that uses this and related classes will continue to work, it is recommended to switch to using the new GcHtmlBrowser class instead. For information on how to convert existing code please see documentation at and

    Note that the 3 platform-specific packages (GrapeCity.Documents.Html.Windows.X64, GrapeCity.Documents.Html.Linux.X64 and GrapeCity.Documents.Html.Mac.X64) are no longer needed and should be removed from your projects even if you do not convert your code to using GcHtmlBrowser.
    Object Model
    GcHtmlRenderer Class
    Public Class GcHtmlRenderer 
    public class GcHtmlRenderer 
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