Context Menu

The Menu control can also be used to create context menus. You can create a context menu for a control by setting the Owner property to the ID of the control to which the context menu is to be applied.

In the example below, we have created a single context menu and handled the contextmenu event on several elements to show the menu when user requests it::


  <div class="owners">
    <div id="sampleDiv" class="has-ctx-menu" style="background:#f0a0a0">
      I have a Context Menu.
    <div id="SECOND" class="has-ctx-menu" style="background:#a0f0a0">
      I have the same Context Menu.
    <div id="THIRD" class="has-ctx-menu" style="background:#a0a0f0">
      You guessed it, me too.
import * as wijmo from '@grapecity/wijmo';
import * as input from '@grapecity/wijmo.input';

function init() {

  // create the menu
  var div = document.createElement('div');
  var menu = new input.Menu(div, {
    displayMemberPath: 'header',
    selectedValuePath: 'cmd',
    dropDownCssClass: 'ctx-menu',
    itemsSource: [
        { header: '<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-asterisk"></span>&nbsp;&nbsp;New', cmd: 'NEW' }, 
      { header: '<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-folder-open"></span>&nbsp;&nbsp;Open', cmd: 'OPEN' }, 
      { header: '<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-floppy-disk"></span>&nbsp;&nbsp;Save', cmd: 'SAVE' },
      { header: '<span class="wj-separator"></span>' }, 
      { header: '<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-remove"></span>&nbsp;&nbsp;Exit', cmd: 'EXIT' },
    itemClicked: function(s, e) {
      alert('Executing **' + menu.selectedValue + '** for element **' + menu.owner.id + '**');

 // use it as a context menu for one or more elements
  var els = document.querySelectorAll('.has-ctx-menu');
  for (var i = 0; i < els.length; i++) {
    els[i].addEventListener('contextmenu', function(e) {
      menu.owner = wijmo.closest(e.target, '.has-ctx-menu');
      if (menu.owner) {
    }, true);