Chart Elements

The FlexChart is composed of elements that can be customized using its object model. The elements are:

  • PlotArea: The area within the axes.
  • ChartArea: The area within the control but outside the axes.
  • Legend: The chart legend, usually on the right of the plot area.
  • Header: The chart header, above the plot area.
  • Footer: The chart footer, below the plot area.
  • AxisX: The X-axis, usually horizontal.
  • AxisY: The Y-axis, usually vertical.
  • Series: A collection of Series objects that can be used to customize the chart. The FlexChart populates the series collections automatically based on the chart's itemsSource.
  • SeriesSymbol: A symbol in a chart series.
  • DataLabel: A label attached to a data point.

Chart Elements

Extra Chart Elements

In addition to the regular chart, you can add extra elements to the chart in several ways:

  • events: Use the rendering and rendered events to add arbitrary elements behind or in front of the regular chart elements. For more details, see Events.
  • annotations: Use the wijmo.chart.annotation extension to add annotations (shapes or text) to data points or to chart areas. For more details, see Annotations.
  • analytics: Use the wijmo.chart.analytics extension to add trendlines and moving averages to the chart. For more details, see Trend Lines.
  • plotAreas: Use the plotAreas property to add multiple plot areas to the chart, using the same header, footer, legend, and sharing axes. For more details, see Plot Areas.