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    Print Settings Imported
    In This Topic

    The following table summarizes how Spread imports print settings from an Excel-formatted file. The properties listed in the table are in the PrintInfo class, unless otherwise noted. For more information, see the Assembly Reference.

    Excel Print Setting FarPoint.Web.Spread.PrintInfo Remarks
    Orientation Orientation  
    Adjust to ZoomFactor  
    Fit to UseSmartPrint  
    Fit to SmartPrintPagesTall  
    Fit to SmartPrintPagesWide  
    First page number FirstPageNumber  
    Top Top (PrintMargin class)  
    Left Left (PrintMargin class)  
    Right Right (PrintMargin class)  
    Bottom Bottom (PrintMargin class)  
    Header Header (PrintMargin class)  
    Footer Footer (PrintMargin class)  
    Center on page Centering  
    Header and Footer    
    Header Header  
    Footer Footer  
    Different odd and even pages   This setting is not imported.
    Different first page   This setting is not imported.
    Scale with document   This setting is not imported.
    Align with page margins   This setting is not imported.
    Print area RowStart, RowEnd, ColStart, and ColEnd  
    Print titles: Rows to repeat at top RepeatRowStart and RepeatRowEnd  
    Print titles: Column to repeat at left RepeatColStart and RepeatColEnd  
    Print gridlines ShowGrid  
    Print black and white ShowColor  
    Print draft quality   This setting is not imported.
    Print column and row headings ShowColumnHeaders and ShowRowHeaders  
    Print comments PrintNotes  
    Print cell errors   This setting is not imported.
    Page order PrintPageOrder  

    Paper Size

    The following paper sizes are supported if a file is imported from an Excel-formatted file and then saved to an Excel-formatted file (Letter, Legal, Executive, A3, A4, B4, B5, Envelope #10, Envelope DL, Envelope C5, Envelope B5, and Envelope Monarch).

    Printer Type

    Information about the type of printer (such as name) is not imported.