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In This Topic
    TableTag Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Represents tables of an OpenType font.
    Public Enum TableTag 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum TableTag : System.Enum 
    BASEBaseline data
    BaseSubsBaseline data for extended subset
    CBDTColor bitmap data
    CBLCColor bitmap location data
    CFFCompact Font Format 1.0
    CFF2Compact Font Format 2.0
    cmapCharacter to glyph mapping
    COLRColor table layers
    CPALColor palette table
    CpalDrawColor palette table for drawing
    cvtControl Value Table
    EBDTEmbedded bitmap data
    EBLCEmbedded bitmap location data
    EblcPpemGlyph IDs and pixels per em for embedded bitmaps.
    EBSCEmbedded bitmap scaling data
    fpgmFont program
    GDEFGlyph definition data
    GdefSubsGlyph definition data for extended subset
    glyfGlyph data for creating font subsets
    GlyfDrawGlyph data for drawing
    GPOSGlyph positioning data
    GposSubsGlyph positioning data for extended subset
    GSUBGlyph substitution data
    hdmxHorizontal device metrics
    headFont header
    hheaHorizontal header
    hmtxHorizontal metrics
    JSTFJustification data
    KernSubsKerning for extended subset
    locaIndex to glyph location
    LTSHLinear threshold data
    maxpMaximum profile
    nameNaming table
    OS2OS/2 and Windows specific metrics
    postPostScript information
    prepCVT Program
    sbixStandard bitmap graphics
    SVGThe SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) table
    UnknownUnspecified table
    VDMXVertical device metrics
    vheaVertical Metrics header
    vmtxVertical Metrics
    VORGVertical Origin
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