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In This Topic
    CodePointFlags Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Line-breaking and justification conditions; East Asian width category for the code point.
    Public Enum CodePointFlags 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum CodePointFlags : System.Enum 
    AmbiguousWidthAmbiguous characters
    ArabicThe Arabic script.
    CanBreakIndicates that a line break is allowed after this code point.
    GraphemeStartIndicates the start of a Grapheme Cluster.
    HiddenWhitespaceA non-pritable whitespace character.
    InlineObjectIndicates that the character is a replacement for inline object.
    KeepWithNextIndicates that the character is a paragraph separator (0x2029). It prevents a page break between paragraphs (GC specifics).
    LineSeparatorIndicates that the character is a line separator (0x2028). It doesn't not cause a paragraph break.
    MayNotBreakIndicates that there should be no line break after this code point.
    MustBreakIndicates that the line break must happen after this code point.
    NarrowEast Asian Narrow
    NeutralWidthNeutral (Not East Asian)
    NoneIndicates that none of the flags are set.
    SidewaysWhether the glyphs are rotated on their side.
    TabulationIndicates the character tabulation.
    UprightIfTransformedIndicates if characters should be displayed upright if transformed with the 'vert' or 'vrt2' GSUB features.
    WhitespaceIndicates that the character is some form of whitespace, which may be meaningful for justification.
    WideEast Asian Wide (and emoji)
    WordStartIndicates the start of a word.
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