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In This Topic
    SvgElementType Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies the type of an SVG element.
    Public Enum SvgElementType 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum SvgElementType : System.Enum 
    AnchorRepresents an 'a' element.
    CircleRepresents a 'circle' element.
    ClipPathRepresents a 'clipPath' element.
    CommentRepresents an XML comment.
    ContentRepresents element content.
    DefsRepresents the 'defs' element.
    DescRepresents the 'desc' element.
    EllipseRepresents a 'ellipse' element.
    GroupRepresents the 'g' element.
    ImageRepresents an 'image' element.
    LineRepresents a 'line' element.
    LinearGradientRepresents a 'linearGradient' element.
    MarkerRepresents a 'marker' element.
    MetadataRepresents the 'metadata' element.
    PathRepresents the 'path' element.
    PatternRepresents a 'pattern' element.
    PolygonRepresents a 'polygon' element.
    PolylineRepresents a 'polyline' element.
    RadialGradientRepresents a 'radialGradient' element.
    RectangleRepresents a 'rect' element.
    StopRepresents a 'stop' element.
    StyleRepresents a 'style' element.
    SvgRepresents the 'svg' element.
    SwitchRepresents the 'switch' element.
    SymbolRepresents the 'symbol' element.
    TextRepresents a 'text' element.
    TextPathRepresents a 'textPath' element.
    TitleRepresents the 'title' element.
    TSpanRepresents a 'tspan' element.
    UnknownUnsupported SVG element or non-SVG element (HTML, ...).
    UseRepresents the 'use' element.
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