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GrapeCity.Documents.Imaging Assembly / GrapeCity.Documents.Svg Namespace / GcSvgGraphics Class / EmbedFonts Property

In This Topic
    EmbedFonts Property
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets a value indicating whether fonts used in 'text' elements should be embedded.

    Changing this property only affects subsequent calls to GrapeCity.Documents.Drawing.GcGraphics.DrawTextLayout, GrapeCity.Documents.Drawing.GcGraphics.DrawString and GrapeCity.Documents.Drawing.GcGraphics.DrawString methods. Already rendered text is not affected.

    This property is ignored if GrapeCity.Documents.Drawing.GcGraphics.DrawTextAsPath is true.

    The default is false.

    Public Property EmbedFonts As System.Boolean
    public System.bool EmbedFonts {get; set;}
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