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GrapeCity.Documents.Imaging Assembly / GrapeCity.Documents.Layout Namespace
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    GrapeCity.Documents.Layout Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassRepresents a point to be used as an anchor.
    ClassDetermines the rotation angle of the target LayoutRect.
    ClassDetermines the aspect (width to height) ratio of the target LayoutRect.
    ClassThe base class for LayoutRect constraints.
    ClassRepresents a closed figure on a LayoutView.
    ClassDetermines the min/max position of sides relative to the Contour.
    ClassRepresents an error that occurred when resolving constraints in a LayoutRect.
    ClassRepresents the host and origin of a coordinate system for LayoutView objects.
    ClassRepresents a rectangle with constraints.
    ClassRepresents a transformed surface with a set of LayoutRect objects.
    ClassDetermines the position of sides or centers of the target LayoutRect.
    ClassRestricts the width or height of the target LayoutRect.
    ClassDetermines the proportional width or height (weight) of the target LayoutRect.
    EnumerationSpecifies the source parameter of the anchor LayoutRect.
    EnumerationSpecifies the position of the anchor for a contour constraint.
    EnumerationSpecifies the target parameter of Constraint's target LayoutRect.
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