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In This Topic
    ExifDataType Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Data types used in Exif.
    Public Enum ExifDataType 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum ExifDataType : System.Enum 
    AsciiAn 8-bit byte containing one 7-bit ASCII code. The final byte is terminated with NULL.
    ByteAn 8-bit unsigned integer.
    DoubleDouble precision (8-byte) IEEE format.
    FloatSingle precision (4-byte) IEEE format.
    IFDIdentical to LONG, but is only used to point to other valid IFDs.
    LongA 32-bit (4-byte) unsigned integer.
    RationalTwo LONGs. The first LONG is the numerator and the second LONG expresses the denominator.
    SByteAn 8-bit signed (twos-complement) integer.
    ShortA 16-bit (2-byte) unsigned integer.
    SLong(4-byte) signed integer (2's complement notation).
    SRationalTwo SLONGs. The first SLONG is the numerator and the second SLONG is the denominator.
    SShortA 16-bit (2-byte) signed (twos-complement) integer.
    UndefinedAn 8-bit byte that may take any value depending on the field definition.
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