ActiveReports 15 .NET Edition
ActiveReports 15 User Guide / Quick Start
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    Quick Start
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    Quickly begin using ActiveReports by following the steps below.

    1. Install ActiveReports.     

    2. In Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 (version 16.8 or above), select ActiveReports 15 JS Viewer Core MVC Application template.
      Default Report

    3. Type a name for your project and click Create.
      Default Report

    4. Set the Target framework to .NET 5.0.
      Choosing ActiveReports 15 JS Viewer MVC Core Application as the Visual Studio template

    5. Open the default 'RdlReport1.rdlx' report from the 'Reports' folder and design. You can also add other report types - Page Report or Section report from the templates.
    6. Make sure to set the Build Action property of the report to 'Embedded Resource'.
    7. Modify index.html to provide the name of the report you want to preview in viewer.openReport() method:

    8. Modify Startup.cs to include the path of the folder where the report is kept, for example, if the 'Reports' folder in your application’s root contains the report:

      settings.UseFileStore(new System.IO.DirectoryInfo(env.ContentRootPath + @"\Reports\"));

    9. Run the application. The report opens in the JSViewer.
      Default Report

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