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    Localize and Deploy
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    ActiveReports uses an English locale by default, and includes localization resources for Japanese and Russian locales. You can also localize all of the components into any language you need. GrapeCity may, from time to time and on the agreement of users who localize components, include additional locales with future hot fixes and service packs. If you are willing to share your localized resources with other users, please inform technical support staff so that they can pass on your resource files to development.

    There are several ways to deploy your ActiveReports applications. See the topics listed below for more information on customizing, localizing and deploying your applications.

    Localize Reports, TextBoxes, and Chart Controls  
    Learn how to localize individual textboxes, chart controls, and entire reports.
    Localize ActiveReports Resources 
    Learn to localize ActiveReports dialogs, error messages, and images.
    Localize the End User Report Designer 
    Learn to localize UI strings, error messages, and images in Windows Forms Designer control.
    Localize the Viewer Control 
    Learn to localize the strings and images in the Windows Forms Viewer Control.
    Deploy Windows Applications 
    Learn to deploy ActiveReports Windows applications.
    Deploy Web Applications
    Learn to deploy ActiveReports Windows applications.