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Drill Through

The drill through feature in your report lets you navigate to another report for details about the item you clicked. On previewing a report, drill through links appear as a hyperlink that you can click to move to a completely different report.

Follow the steps given below to create a drill through report.

  1. In a report, select a TextBox on which you want to set the link.

  2. Select the control and go to Properties Mode > Show Advanced Properties.

  3. In the Action section of the properties, select Jump to Report from the drop-down list.

  4. In the Jump to Report field that appears, select the detail report from the drop-down list. This will be the report that you want to navigate to on clicking the drill through link. You can also use expressions to create drill through links.

    Note: The detail report must be in the same directory as the parent report.

  5. After setting the detail report to drill through, you can optionally add a parameter in the Parameters field that appears.

    By setting parameters you can jump right to the desired information. For example, if your summary report contains a list of invoice numbers and delivery dates for each customer, you could use a drill through link with the invoice number as the parameter to allow the user to jump to the relevant invoice.

    Caution: The Parameter Name must exactly match the name of the parameter in the detail report. If any parameter is spelled differently, capitalized differently, or if an expected parameter is not supplied, the drill through link will not work.

  6. Go to Preview and click the drill through link to navigate to the detail report. Click Back to return to the main report.