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Viewer Interface Elements

The ActiveReportsJS Viewer supports standard viewer features available through UI, which are customizable using the API.

The features available through tool bar icons -

Features Toolbar Icons Description
Navigate to First Page Navigates to first page of the report.
Navigate to Preceding Pages Navigates to previous pages in the report.
Navigate to Succeeding Pages Navigates to following pages in the report.
Navigate to Last Page Navigates to last page of the report.
Refresh Refreshes the report.
Cancel Cancels the report rendering.
History-Back to Parent Returns to the parent report in a drill-through page report.
History-Go Back Takes viewer to the previous view in the viewer history.
History-Go Forward Takes the viewer one step forward in the viewer history.
Move Tool Allows to move a selection or an entire page by moving the mouse.
Zoom Out Decreases the magnification of the report.
100% Displays the current zoom percentage. Allows you to select from the available zoom options - Zoom In, Zoom Out, 100%, Fit to Page, and Fit to Width.
Zoom In Increases the magnification of the report.
Toggle Fullscreen Displays the report in fullscreen mode, hiding the entire UI.
Print Displays the Print dialog to specify printing options. See Print for more information
Single Page View Shows one page at a time in the viewer.
Continuous Page View Shows all preview pages one below the other.
Galley Mode Displays report in a single scrollable page.

The features available through side bar icons -

Features Side Bar Icons Description
View sidebar options Allows you to view sidebar options with complete names of the options.
Search Allows you to search for text with match-case and whole-word search options.
Export Allows you to export to PDF/HTML/Excel formats. See Export for more information.